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About e-Co Leadership Coaching

e-Co Leadership Coaching

The GW CEPL e-Co Leadership Coaching Certification (e-CLC) is an ICF-aligned, professional foundational coaching program, attending to the whole-person and whole-systems framework, supporting individuals to deepen and expand their contribution in the world towards a vision for One Humanity. 

e-Co Leadership Coaching is a new vision for coaching, providing the next generation of coaches with a whole person and whole systems framework to deepen and expand their contribution in the world.

We expand, emerge, exchange and evolve in co-creation, co-connection, co-action and co-movement in service to the greater good for One Humanity.

e-Co Leadership Coaching distills and integrates 20+ years of multidisciplinary expertise offering a foundational program that meets the International Coaching Federation (PCC) standards and invites you to join a community of others committed to elevating consciousness in the world. 

We believe that as coaches work to develop their own capacity, through individual practice, they become a catalyst for change, expand awareness in our shared ecosystem, and steward a movement of One Humanity.


May all nations in the world today, plant a seed of e-Co Leadership Coaching in service to the One Humanity and the Sustainable Development Goals Agenda by 2030. 


e-Co Leadership Coaching is developing a community of coaches to inspire and serve a flourishing global community.


We exist to expand consciousness in our shared ecosystem by empowering individuals and organizations with the skills needed to navigate the uncertainty and complexity of the emerging world.


The George Washington University Center for Excellence in Public Leadership is a pioneer and catalyst in supporting public service organizations to grow and develop leaders who make a positive difference in their organizations, communities and the lives of the people they serve. With extensive experience in leadership development, the Center identifies coaching as the most significant multiplier that allows for the leaders and their organizations to flourish in the complexities of our times. The Center grounds its coaching work in “pracademic” (practice and academic-based) models speaking with confidence the language of everyday leadership and maintaining a sense of coherence for practical solutions.    

The Center believes in coaching as:

  1. A way of making a significant difference in the work of the leader and the organization and/or community he/she serves
  2. A promise, practice and power in service to a flourishing One Humanity
  3. An invitation to the practice of anchored capacity, where we learn to stay present practical and poetic, in service to the mission of the organization and the desired business outcomes

The Center supports the Sustainable Development Goals blueprint to elevate consciousness and achieve a better and more sustainable future for all, through the profession of coaching.

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