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Ina Gjikondi

Ina Gjikondi, PCC, MPS, MA

Ina Gjikondi, PCC, MPS, MA

Founder & Faculty Director

I am a teacher, speaker, mother, alchemist, innovator, poet, modern mystic and co-curator of creative learning experiences that expand consciousness with the goal of One Shared Humanity.

I serve as the Director of Executive Education & Coaching and as the Founder & e-Co Leadership Coaching Program Director at the George Washington University's Center for Excellence in Public Leadership.

e-Co Leadership Coaching Certification (e-CLC) is an International Coaching Federation aligned professional foundational program rooted in the cultivation of energetic stability, by expanding, emerging, exchanging and evolving in co-creation, co-connection, co-action and co-movement in service to the greater good.

I believe in coaching as a way of being and an invitation to the practice of anchored capacity, where we learn to stay present, practical and poetic, to deepen and expand our contribution in the world.

We must cultivate capacities that will support people and organizations to think from a whole person and whole systems perspective in a way that gets us deeply in touch with our own humanity and helps us heal our connection within systems, from the cellular level of our being to the cellular level of our humanity and yes, change starts with us. Nations don’t transform, people do and we can start there.

The vision I am committed to:

May all nations in the world today, plant a seed of e-Co Leadership Coaching in service to the One Humanity and the Sustainable Development Goals Agenda by 2030.

I work with people across the globe to awaken the leadership and creative capacity for embodied imagination and resilience. An active United Nations advocate in Albania, I came to the US to learn how to manage political campaigns and as life happens moved into the space of leadership development, discovering the love for helping people and organizations grow. I am inspired by my son Hadrian, who teaches me to slow down and show up for life with genuine curiosity. To develop this creative dialogue, I have founded Hadrian Series, a learning hub to support families through embodied conversations, celebrating the wonders of life every day.


  • M.A., Human Resources Development, the GW Graduate School of Education and Human Development
  • M.P.S., Political Management, the GW Graduate School of Political Management
  • B.A., Law, University of Tirana, School of Law


  • Launching the e-Co Leadership Foundational Coaching Certification Program at the George Washington University
  • Professional Coaching Course (PCC) & Certification, New Ventures West
  • Leadership Embodiment Level 1, 2 & Retreat
  • Conversational Intelligence® Enhanced
  • The Leadership Practices Inventory 360, Kouzes and Posner, Diversity Leadership
  • The Extraordinary Leader 360, Zenger Folkman
  • Focused Energy Balanced Indicator (FEBI), Focus Leadership
  • Leadership Circle 360, The Leadership Circle Systems
  • Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument, Korn Ferry

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