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e-Co Leadership Coaching Program Capacities

e-Co Leadership Coaching follows natural interchanging rhythms that support the coach to grow and sustain the energetic balance in her/his inner and outer system/s.


Practice Capacities

Flower & Puff Ball:

Giving & Receiving

  1. Seed the next generation of change-makers by investing your energy to grow your capacity in service to the social good, toward the One Humanity Agenda.
  2. Blossom into an open, present, practical, and poetic practitioner.
  • Wholeness Awareness
  • Dreaming
  • Resilience
  • Civility
  • Contributing to the Greater Good

Leaves & Stem:

Learning & Teaching

  1. Stretch, extend, and receive by integrating and interacting with your eco-system of organization, community, and society.
  2. Rise up and become an advocate and catalyst for change in your field.
  • Compassion
  • Embodiment
  • e-Co Imagination
  • Wonder
  • Clear Articulation
  • Energetic Balance


Experiencing & Knowing

  1. Ground through your innate curiosity.
  2. Engage in creative movement, root into other paths of discovery and integration.
  • e-Co Listening
  • Complementarity
  • Creativity
  • Curiosity
  • Trust
  • Playfulness


Expanding & Deepening

  1. Expand by coming in contact with your uniqueness. Like the seed, emerge.
  2. Deepen, contract, turn inward, to find your inherent truths, the seed of your innate talents and abilities.
  • Self-exploration
  • Discovering your uniqueness
  • Intuition
  • Being well
  • Diversity

The Nutrients: The Body of Work supporting the coach's development

Summary of Theories and Foundations

Adult Development Theory
Systems Theory
Chaos Theory
Leadership Theories
Integral Theory
Change Management Theories
Cognitive, Narrative & Positive Psychology
Social Change Theory

Consciousness Studies
Interpersonal Neurobiology
Quantum Physics

Somatics: Leadership Embodiment
Theory U
Peace Leadership
Ancient Mediterranean practice of dreaming & imagery
Wisdom Traditions
Healing Arts & Theory

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