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Program Highlights

e-Co Leadership Coaching Certification (e-CLC) is an ICF aligned professional foundational coaching program, attending to the whole-person and whole-systems framework, supporting individuals to deepen and expand their contribution in the world towards a vision for One Humanity.

  • Whole-Person & Whole Systems: A whole-person and whole-systems approach in coaching; deepening your connection with self as you expand your contribution in the world.
  • Focus on the Greater Good: e-Co Leadership Coaching aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals as set by the United Nations, developing the capacity of the coach as a global citizen. 
  • Nature-Centered: A program designed and inspired by flourishing systems found in nature.
  • World-Class Faculty: We bring together a team of faculty with a deep understanding and experience in coaching and other disciplines that help accelerate coaching.
  • Complexity Toolbox: Develop a toolbox of resources for coaching in a complex environment to serve you and your clients.
  • Diversity & Inclusion: Be a part of a global coaching community that capitalizes on e-Co Listening as a key skill for learning to appreciate the other, across generations, cultures and all forms of language separation.
  • Somatics Focus: Cultivate and develop the awareness of the body through the Leadership Embodiment Level 1 Certification in partnership with LE International 
  • Cultural Transformation Tools: Deepen your self knowledge and begin your coaching practice with tangible tools and profound results for your clients through the Culture Transformation Tools (CTT) Foundations (Part 1) Certification in partnership with Massively Human Leadership 
  • Co-Creation: An opportunity to re-define coaching in the emerging world
  • Commitment to Service: Make a difference by engaging with leaders across sectors, those who directly serve and touch lives everyday.
  • Practice Clients towards your ICF Credential: Pactice clients are offered as part of the experience; Continuous opportunity to work with clients as part of the One Humanity Lab to build your coaching practice and portfolio.

You can access HERE a program 1-Page Summary. 


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