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At program completion participants will be able to:

  1. Understand, articulate and practice coaching as a way of being and as a profession
  2. Coach leaders, teams and groups within organizations and larger systems
  3. Practice the flow of the coaching model, to include relationship dynamics, contracting, assessment, goal setting, powerful inquiry, conversations & actions design, evaluation and sustainable strategies
  4. Demonstrate capability in the domains of e-Co Leadership Coaching
  5. Define what it means to be a systems practitioner who supports a flourishing whole
  6. Engage in a more resilient way of being, through the embodied practice of reflection and observation
  7. Confidently use the wisdom circles model as a way of facilitating peer coaching in the system of choice
  8. Make a difference in the world by engaging with clients, those who directly serve and touch lives everyday
  9. Join a community of others to design and prototype a global project/initiative in service of a Sustainable Development Goal as defined by the United Nations

Completion Requirements

Successful coach candidates will complete the following:

  • Full attendance at all modules, accelerator sessions and wisdom circles
  • Engaging in self-observation and journaling practice between modules
  • Submission of a final reflection paper & presentation
  • Participate in the Coaching Practice with at least 2-3 clients, or 20-30 hours of coaching
  • Stay proactive and open in your own development and in conversation with your coach and mentor

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